samantha (thenshesaidno) wrote in thequestionclub,

chocolate alcoholz


so i got these rum chocolates as a gift and i think they are pretty gross on their own. is there any way to use them/make them better so they don't go to waste?

is there maybe a chocolately drink recipe, with more rum added for good measure?
do you think some of these chocolates and ice cream would be nice mixed up in a blender like a milk shake or would i just be wasting perfectly good ice cream?

can they be used in, i don't know, cupcakes? or would that just be as gross and as pointless as i'm guessing it would be?

have you ever gotten a weird gift like this? stories are appreciated.

do you like eating these things? is there even enough alcohol in them to make it worth enduring their weird chocolately rummy taste?

is ten questions too many for one post? i think it probably is, so good night.
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