Danielle (eleuthreophile) wrote in thequestionclub,

okay since no one seems to agree with me on my last post, i have a new post!

today at work, i happened to encounter the managers of the local holiday inn. i didn't even realize they were the managers, they were just wearing shirts with the logo on them so i asked if they knew if they were hiring. they said they were the managers, asked what i was going atm job wise and school wise, asked if i was looking for full time, said they were hiring for fall/winter, blah blah blah. they said to stop by monday, apply, and tell the front desk to put it in phil's mailbox. they also said they were usually there 6am-2pm. this makes me think they want to see me monday.

what should i wear?

also: if i use a tiny paintbrush with nail polish, i should use nail polish remover to clean the brush, right? it only dawned on me today that this was probably a better solution than soapy water.

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