pensivebrunette (pensivebrunette) wrote in thequestionclub,

Wedding gift

Tomorrow my fiancé and I are going to a wedding of a couple we have known for 1 yr. We were surprised that they invited us to be honest. We met them in a mixed baseball league last summer and hung out with them a few times last yr, didn't see them over the winter, but have seen them most weekends since May. We're happy to go to their wedding, but not sure what to give them...obviously money is the easiest option as the wedding is tomorrow. I know they are paying for the wedding themselves and are also going on a honeymoon - so I'm sure cash would be appreciated. They live together so don't really need all the house stuff that is a traditional gift -- plus the bride has had lots of showers. So, what is the standard amount of cash to give someone who is not family and not a super-close friend? 
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