Cristina! (cris629) wrote in thequestionclub,

1- age?
2- sex?
3- why do you have lj/are you in tqc?

4- do you have a SO?
5- for how long have you been together?

6- good or bad long distance relation experiences (stories to accompany are welcome)?

7- favorite funny quote?
8- favorite meaningful, impowering kind of quote?
9- fav song?

-i started with xanga but found other people reading it, so i started lj to be "real." got tired of xanga kind of because keeping 2 journals was exhausting and repetitive.

-his name is dave and hes in the navy.
-we've OFFICIALLY been together for a year and some now (we were kind of unofficial for a while before that)

-i'm in a ldr now and its pretty good because dave is a great guy, but my other ldr... that was hell. my bf then was kinda a dick. possessive, insane, controlling, et cetera. no wonder we cheated on each other.

-"the sun?! thats the hottest place on earth!" - the simpsons, of course!
-"but i cant forget my past or my failures that fell fast... but as fast as we could fly, i'm not sure i'll say good bye to the sorrows which are crowding my heart"- crowded heart, a song my bf's band wrote
-probably "1,000 hrs" by green day. its on their first albumn, "1,039/smoothed out slappy hours," which is VERY awesome.
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