Megs on a Plane (audiodrops) wrote in thequestionclub,
Megs on a Plane


So a month ago my grandfather came to visit for graduation. He brought a whole bunch of of things left over after my grandmother passed away. Amongst these things was a big box of art supplies for me, because Grandma was an artist.

Her death was surrounded by a lot of crap and things happened so quickly that I still have a bit of a difficult time using things that belonged to her. Add that to the fact that I've been pretty busy in my life since then, and it was only a little while ago that I finally sat down with some of the art books he brought. Today, I opened up the box of supplies to try some things out and found that, with the exception of a few things, the containers of colored pencils and things were... Um, empty.

My grandfather doesn't seem to have much care for my grandmother's things or her memory, so it's possible he just grabbed things off the shelf that were hers and put them in the boxes. Should I say something to him about this, or leave it?
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