Leone (runic_binary) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, there's this girl I've been sort of friends with for awhile (we never hung out, but we had classes together), and she's always been really friendly and sweet and has seemed pretty interested in me. She asked me for my number so we could have coffee sometime, but I didn't get hers. She told me she was going to call me on a certain day, but she didn't (or else I didn't get the call). I've seen her since then and she greeted me really enthusiastically, complete with hug.

Question: With all this in mind, would it be creepy of me to get her number from the phone book and call her to ask her out for coffee?

ETA: I can't get into contact with her any other way because I knew her from school and there's no other place I could count on running into her.

ETA2: I took the Facebook advice and sent her a message. Thanks, guys!
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