~*~alex~*~ (evolutional) wrote in thequestionclub,

so tonight my pantech duo's screen decided to stop working. the phone is totally fine but the screen is all black, though there is a backlight and the screen will work for 5 seconds after i restart it, so i know it's not like the light burnt out or anything like that. i'm pretty sure my mom signed me up for a warranty but i don't remember.

will at&t give me a ton of shit when i go in tomorrow to try to get a new phone?
what phone should i get?
why does at&t suck so much?

eta: why does my phone screen work if i have it sliding the qwerty keyboard way, or just in regular resting position, but not when i slide it up to the numeric keypad? and before it broke, why is it that when i wear a certain pair of sunglasses i can't see the screen when it's slid the qwerty way, but it shows up just fine slid in the numeric way?
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