Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski

i hate taxes.

uh. shit.

today i received a tax correction in the mail. i have already filed the taxes, and received the return. now it says that the figure they had given me for the amount earned is 1700$ off, but that money is now included in the "other" section. this seems like it is going to create a problem. what the hell do i do?

call h+r block, who did my taxes, or do i call the irs? or...will it be okay to ignore it? (i wish.)

i called h+r block, who told me that they are over-charging bastards, but if i want to not get screwed by the IRS, i will need to file a form 1040x, which is an amended income tax return. so, i called the irs and they are mailing me one.

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