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Authorities look into torture of hound dog

Who the hell would do this to any animal?
The Article from dailymail.com (Charleston, WV)

A longtime county humane officer called the torturing and killing of a hound dog near Sanderson one of the most disturbing scenes he's ever witnessed.

The dog was tied to a car and dragged, and impaled through the back of the skull with what may have been a screwdriver, said Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association officer Gene Fields.

ATV riders found the animal with its front paws and chest cavity taped to the steering wheel of an abandoned Chevrolet Blazer on Monday.

"The sheriff's department told me about it and it didn't hit me until we uncovered the vehicle," said Fields, a humane officer of 18 years. "I still couldn't believe it, how someone could do something like that"

The dog had patches of skin torn off and bone exposed near the left shoulder.

"The dog was torn to pieces," Fields said. "It may have been alive when they taped it to the steering wheel because its paws were swollen. If it were dead, the blood wouldn't pump up and make its paws swell like that."

Kanawha County Sheriff's Department detectives found a bullet hole in the vehicle and continue to investigate.

Lt. B.C. Stover said police were unable to track the dog's owners because it didn't have any tags.

The Blazer's owner took it off-roading several days ago and abandoned it in a wooded area after it stalled, police said. The owner returned the next day, but someone had stolen the wheels.

Detective S.D. Snuffer said the owner has been questioned and is not linked to the dog.

Fields can recall only one other incident that rivals what he saw this week. It was shortly after he took the job.

"There was a house on Route 60, and someone called the shelter about a skinned dog hanging from the rafters," Fields said. "It was an adult German shepherd and it was still alive."

"Whoever disemboweled this dog is a sicko," he said. "What could that dog do to make a person so mad? Who knows why it was done? I hope we catch them.

"I love my job, but it's getting worse now. People are doing more drastic things to animals. You used to hear about poisoning animals or the neighbor shooting a dog. But now, it's just getting ridiculous."

What do you think should happen to the people who tortured these animals?

If this is off-topic, I will gladly delete it.
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