Miss Hannah (liftup_urhands) wrote in thequestionclub,
Miss Hannah

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So, TQC....

I am hungover and falling asleep. Unfortunately, my desk is in such a place that I'm viewable from my entire office, so falling asleep here is not an option (they can see me posting this, too-- must be quick!)


When was the last time you were hungover at work?
Was it worth it? yes!

Should I nap in our quiet room now or later? Its happening at some point today, but I want to do it later so I can wake up and not have a lot more office work to do. But I'm seriously nodding off right now so maybe I should suck it up and sleep. What do I do?

So who else is bored at a desk right now?
What is your job? I'm an intern... the definition of boring
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