Jax (shadowsync) wrote in thequestionclub,

Half hour poll. What movie should I watch?

What movie should I watch? I have The Evil Dead which I borrowed from my friend's lil brother a while ago and have yet to watch OR I have Black Sheep , the New Zealand "horror" movie about genetically altered killer sheep. What should I watch when my Salad and Calzone arrives from Pizza Guys?

Edit 8:06pm pst: Pizza Dude came and "Black Sheep" won...check back in two-three hours for my opinoin as I know some are interested for how the movie is.

Edit: 10:23pm pst: Movie's done and I have a verdict. Black sheep is just hilarious. I was dying laughing. A bit of gore so not for the weak though. They also played it stright so even though the crew was laughing at themselves it didn't show on camera which just made everything more absurd. Definetly a classic.
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