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Ah, late night commercials...

Did I just hear David Duchovny's voice in a DentaStix commercial? He only said one sentence, so it wasn't really long enough to tell for sure.

It was either him, a good sound-a-like, or I'm very sleepy. I actually googled it, but all I found was someone wondering the same thing.

Is there such a creature as Sugar Free Jaffa Cakes (or something similar)? My grandmother loves jaffa cakes, but she's diabetic & can only sneak little pieces.

I almost bought a jar of Vegemite today just because I've never had it. Should I be brave? Most of the sites I've looked at either make fun of it and/or say it's gross. Wikipedia says "many find it quite nauseating". If you actually like it - any tips for first time eating enjoyment?
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