Mr. O (conflabit) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mr. O

You are a young man, in the prime of you life. Following a heated argument with your Ex-Girlfriend you end up on the Maury show, or some other similar show (if you don't watch television, just go ahead and put "Dark Charizard" like I know you would anyway) because, apparently, you're the father of this woman's child. You try to point out that not only have you not even seen this woman over a year. But she denies it, saying that you two would meet in dark alleys and have sex like from a bad porno and sometimes getting warned by the cops to stop or else they'll throw you in the bad-sex-section of the jail.

The test comes, and it turns out that, obviously, you aren't the father. She runs off crying, but you're pissed because your name has been dragged through the mud and you've been thrown on national television and humiliated in front of everyone and their uncle Theodore.

After the show, you decided that the best thing to do is extract vengeance on this woman. Beautiful, sexy vengeance.

Will you...
1 - double click the power cord?
2 - use Dark Charizard to crush her and burn down her petty house and child?
3 - call 1-800-KILL-HER and hire the rather bulky looking man with a pipe that you saw on the Internet ad?
4 - just shoot them a whole bunch of times?
5 - tell her that Aperture Science has an opening in the Enrichment Center for a tester, and she should apply?
6 - decide vengeance is wrong, and love the child as your own, despite that woman being a whore who was only using that as an excuse to make you look bad?
7 - build a time machine and prevent yourself from ever having met her?
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