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Wish people would know?

What's something/s that you wish people would know about your job? What it entails, what the reality behind the scenes is, etc?

Mine: I'm a market research interviewer, aka, I call people and ask them to do surveys on the phone.

I wish people would realize that if we're calling you asking to do a random survey about random shit (i.e, not a customer satisfaction one and thereby we are not asking for a person by name), WE HAVE NO LIST. So don't ask us to take you off it. It doesn't exist. Your phone number was randomly generated by a computer. I cannot take you off something that does not exist. If you do not want to be called again, then politely say "put me on the do-not-call list". Yes, you need to be on a list for us NOT to call you.

So what are your random work knowledge tidbits?
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