Matty B (dancingants) wrote in thequestionclub,
Matty B

[Bad username: littlemissemperor] says:
I was riding in my friend's car and a 2-foot-tall something ran into the street, said friend swerved to avoid it. Neither of us knew what it was until a few seconds later, when I turned around and realized it was a little kid who ran out in the street! My automatic reaction had been "what the eff is that? don't hit it!"
The car behind us stopped to pick the kid up [just to put him back on the sidewalk and drive away?] before we did, so we just kept driving, figuring they would help him and four people wouldn't be able to help much more than two people.

TQC, am I going to hell?

Oh and the other car followed me home and tried to run us off the road.

ETA: I guess she deleted her journal. If there was that much drama, I would have stuck this in tqc_drama.
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