Fop Cat in a Top Hat (ekesobriquet) wrote in thequestionclub,
Fop Cat in a Top Hat

Dear Teak Yuicy,

I am having a hard time finding something that I believe is a logical fallacy but might be something else that's similar. It effectively states that including the opinion of someone on an example of something they categorically dislike is not worthwhile. So, like asking if an atheist likes the Mormon concept of God.

What is this rule called? Is it a logical fallacy?

Edit: I am talking about the error commited by someone "surveying" someone's opinion on things that are of a category they have a general formed opinion on, usually a negative one. Say, if you ask me if I like rap song X and I say no, regardless of whether or not I mention that I think song X would be better if people did not rap in it.
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