emerging from my inner sanctimonium (mumblestutter) wrote in thequestionclub,
emerging from my inner sanctimonium

Let's see some action

Howdy, TQC. So, I have this longstanding My Space "fan" that just moved to my part of the world, and he asked me if I was going to a show on Saturday- a band that is listed in my top "friends", because he :( has no friends in the area yet, blah blah. The dude is perfectly nice and everything. However I don't know if he knows my uncle is the frontman of this band. If he does know, I don't know if he expects some sort of hot rock n' roll parties (which probably won't happen, knowing my uncle at this point). Also, I don't know if he knows I'm married.

So, TQC, how do I word my reply to him to say, sure, I'll meet up with you...but word it in a way that allows me to discern his intentions without coming off as pompous or rude?

And I know someone will probably make fun of me and/or link to my MySpace so you all can laugh at me about that again, but that's why I love you, TQC.
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