breathe her deep and smile (girlandetc) wrote in thequestionclub,
breathe her deep and smile

hey TQC.. a two parter.

1) i'm in a long distance (4 hour drive) relationship with my boy. we drive out and see each other every other weekend or so. we've been together over a year. we both work, so just moving in isn't really an option until january, when we hit one year at our respective jobs and one of us could quit and move. we'll see when we get to january. those of you who have been in an LDR that you are very serious about, how do you cope? what do you do when you get lonely? how do you make the weekends exciting?

2) we'll be seeing each other for the 4th; thurs night - sun night (or maybe monday morning). i'm in the boston area, he's in the albany ny area. what are some good fun things to do? i was thinking.. the cape and get a bed & breakfast. or a NYC trip for a day or two. or something in the adirondacks or vermont? any fun suggestions? cheaper is better but i'm willing to spend a little bit. we love the outdoors, hiking, swimming, etc. he isn't fond of expensive restaurants/eating out/shopping much.

thanks tqc <3
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