pickathelitter (pickathelitter) wrote in thequestionclub,

I know you hate the gift questions...but Google isn't helping

My sister's baby shower is next week (first baby ahhhI'msoexcited) I want to get her some kind of fabulous baby gift. It can be funny, or it can be sentimental but it has to serve some sort of purpose as she hates anything that she can't use . What should I get? Do you have any websites or suggestions? If you've already had a baby/baby shower what was the coolest gift you got?

or if you don't care:

Can you think of any kind of way to make a fun lesson out of homonyms?! The girl that I tutor just cannot seem to grasp them and she's starting to get bored with doing sentences and definitions. Did you have any really fun lessons in your English classes?
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