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A Question

3 friends went to a restaurant for dinner.

Each forked out $10.

They ordered a meal that cost $25 altogether.

The waiter thus returned them $5.

But $5 is hard to divide between 3 friends.

So the waiter took $2 from the $5 change and gave each of the friends $1 each.

Therefore the 3 friends actually spend $9 (because $10 - $1)
So the 3 friends in total paid $27(3 x $9)
The waiter kept $2
Therefore in total its $27 + $2 = $29

So... where did the $1 go?

[been trying to figure this question for days... I am not even sure if it can be solved. But if you can then thanks very much! :D]

EDIT: Yes, and I got it. Thanks for the all the help.
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