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It's the ducks, isn't it?

Why does a printer inkcartridge only last for about 250 pages? I paid 50€ for two and the black's almost completely empty.

Why does my cddrive not work propely anymore since my iBook went on a three week holiday to Ireland to get a new harddrive? The "suction" thing doesn't seem to work like it should. Either it won't take a cd and if it does it won't let it back out.

Why won't dvds play anymore? They don't do anything. It's like it's not even there.
Why, when I download something, does it say "activation failed"?

Does my iBook hate me because it had to go to all the way to Ireland for three weeks?
Or did it get in to fight with another iBook?

Or was it a general in the Pentagon trying to print a paragraph?

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