goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

a thin line between love and hate.

is there anything that you LOVE and HATE?

like something you're really good at or have a huge interest in.... but then hate that people assume that you ALWAYS want to talk about it, or ALWAYS give it to your for a gift, or ask advice on it or something?

what are they and what do you love and hate about them?

i have a few. my main one is photoshop. i was considered really good at photoshop at my school and at my last job.... i loved all my photoshop projects that i did in my free time and i loved spending all my free time playing with photoshop; i enjoyed tutoring people during the designated tutoring session.... but i haaaaate when people call me up just for photoshop advice. especially when it's something insignificant that i've told them how to do a million times. and especially when it's over the PHONE. it's hard to give tutorials over the phone. and i hate when my boyfriend asks for photoshop advice, especially elementary stuff.... because, well, it's a long story but i'd prefer to keep business and personal SEPARATE with him.

another one is sex. sex is fun to have and to talk about and all, but it's REALLY annoying when people assume that that's all there is to me. that i don't have real feelings when it comes to romance or respect... just because i have such an open-mind about sexual situations.

another one is when i was younger i used to love CANDLES. so every birthday and christmas, all i ever got was candles. it's cool that people wanted to get me something they knew i liked and all, but damn..... it kinda sucked to always *know* that *every gift* was going to be another candle or candle holder. it kinda made me hate candles after a while =\
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