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Broken CD Burner...?

I wonder if the CD burner on this computer is rather broken or if it is just having problems. It has acted weird for awhile now and currently it does not appear to be able to read any CDs. If I try to burn a CD all I get is a message that the CD drive is empty no matter what kind of blank CD I put into it. The computer can find the CD drive, but it can't read any CDs from it. It used to work just fine and only recently has been acting up.

It's a TDK veloCD 32X aka 32/10/40B. I went to the TDK website and could not find an answer as to why the drive will not work. Apparently it possibly needs firmware, but there does not seem to be any that exists for the 32/10/40B. The website does not list any firmware for this CD burner at all. It's rather frustrating. I would try another kind of firmware on the drive, but apparently there is the possibility of damaging it... more...

Is there any way to flash the CD drive to see if it will work again? Maybe I should search for a new driver for it, even though I already installed all the software that came with it. I don't know what else to try aside from replacing it...
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