Manipulation of a Fabrication (fabricatedfairy) wrote in thequestionclub,
Manipulation of a Fabrication

relationship issues

consider you dated a drug addict, you were a drug addict as well. You both took pills and snorted coke and smoked weed. You 2 would flip the fuck out on each other but one particular time he beat the shit out of you. You find out your pregnant press charges against him cause that is what your parent's wanted, you get the option of putting him in jail but you decide probation would be best with some anger management. He calls you after not talking to him for 8 months because of everything that has happened begging you back. You have unmistakable feelings for him and he swears he hasn't used in 3 months and he has changed because of you and he swears he won't go back to his old ways, you've stopped using as well, because your pregnant. You talk to him and meet up with him without parents knowing because they'd have him locked up for broking probation. You 2 kiss and it is still the same fireworks as before. Do you take him back regardless that your parents don't want you to and tell you they will disown you or do you keep moving on doing as your parents say cause that's your best option?
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