OnyxSapir (onyxsapir) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sex Education for Spanish Speakers?

Do any of you know of a website that is at least close to Sexuality.org that is in Spanish?

I ask because my boyfriend's native language is Spanish. I think he would better understand information on sex if it were in Spanish. Sadly, he has had little sex education thanks to the traditional school system in Mexico. Fortunately, he is very open-minded to most things but really knows little about sex and the reproductive system.

And, on that note, does anyone have any links to information on a male's and female's reproductive system that is in Spanish? As it is now, I am teaching him a good bit about a woman's body, but I think it would be better if he could read about it in Spanish and ask me any questions afterward.

I know I could Google it, but since my Spanish is rudimentary, I would have no idea if I could trust just any website.

If this is off-topic, I will delete it.


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