Chris (chrismsx) wrote in thequestionclub,


So my girlfriend dumped me today.

We were an interracial couple. We dated about 3 months. She dumped me because while she liked me alot, I wasn't the type of person she say herself marrying. She became confused because the longer we dated the more she liked me but the more she wondered if she would ever come to resent me for not being that ideal guy. She held onto these ideals since she was 6. On top of that some members of her family weren't happy about us dating, and she was tired of fighting with them.

So we worked on it and things got okay, but then we started talking about ideals this last week and it went bad again for a day. So we talked again and she was crying and broke up with me saying that this relationship didn't make her happy anymore because all it did was stress her out this past week. Despite us being very happy the past 3 months.

She says this is something (the ideals) she's thought about since we were dating but never let them get to her cause she was so happy. I know that she broke up with me purely off the emotion and bad vibes from yesterday and not wanting to handle the situation. There's no way she was going to elt go of ideals she's held onto for over 14 years after dating me 3 months. We needed more time, but she didn't want to invest it if she wasn't sure we were gonna work out.

My question is, Is there any chance I can get her back once she calms back down? Or is it even worth chasing?
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