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Control P print! Control P print!

Why won't my printer print?

It's a hp deskjet 3650 and I have an iBook macosX. My harddrive recently died and it's a new one but everything's still on it. Now I wanted to print something and it said it couldn't find the printer. There was this thing on my desktop that said "OS X HP Inkjet installer" so I clicked that and installed it. After it installed it said it wasn't really necessary to install this as it already was installed. I tried printing again: no luck. Then I tried to download the driver thing from here but it says "activation failed" when I try to download. I seem to think if I could download that driver thing it might work.

Also, does anyone know if you can download the software that comes on the cdrom when you buy the printer. I can't seem to find the cdrom. Would that be on the same website where I found the driver?

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