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To a friend who answered in monosyllables.

I believe this was part of a meme that was going around a while back, but anyway;

01. What's the title of your journal?
02. What's the subtitle?
03. What's the title of your Friends page?

Explanations would be interesting too! :)

01. <| a pyramid of piffle |> which were the words that (the wonderful and amusing) Tory MP Boris Johnson used to 'dispell' claims that he was having an affair and because it encapsulates my love for rambling talk and random humour.

02. with smell of steak in passageways from Prelude I by T.S. Eliot, because I couldn't think of anything and flicked through the nearest book at hand for a title (100 Poems on the Underground) and chose this because it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

03. /what/ do you speak of, poets, lovers, generals? from I know the truth - give up all other truths! by Marina Tsvetaeva, from the same collection and because I think it seems quite apt.

Also, the subject line To a friend who answered in monosyllables is from Modern Secrets by Shirley Geok-Lim, again from the same anthology. :D

ETA: 04. This may be a ridiculous question, but how is Livejournal pronounced?

Is it live as in 'Tom went to live with his Grandma' or live as in 'It was a live show'.

Or, more 'simply' put - long i or short i?

Both make sense to me in the context of Livejournal (and I pronounce it in my head as 'a live show'), yet I have no idea if that's the right meaning/pronuciation.
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