goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,


ok, i've been dying my hair black for almost a year. but then i got bored of it. so just a few minutes ago, on a whim, i misted it with peroxide.

when i had blonde hair, i used to do this to keep it looking bright and stuff...... but i've never done it with black hair.

i did a google search but they didn't really give me any useful information other than "peroxide can lighten your hair." duh.

so umm.... does peroxide ONLY lighten with the sun? i used to only spritz when i was going in the sun so i don't know....

will just "spritzing" even lighten black hair?

is it going to make it ORANGE?

how long will it take for the color to change, if it even changes at all?

have any of you ever peroxided your black hair?
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