BlznFireGrl911 (blznfiregrl911) wrote in thequestionclub,

Im in charge of creating the yearly slideshow from pictures for my FD banquet next month. Now, I've started out with a few different song combinations- just stuff i already had downloaded. I liked one combination, but i'd like to try a couple before deciding. Heres what i've tried:

Wind Beneath my wings/Its my life (bon jovi)
Hero (mariah carey)/Under pressure- David bowie from Rescue Me
Wind/Friends in low places (garth brooks)

I want something slow/sentimental then fading into something upbeat. Most of the pics are of car accidents we've been on in the past year, a big warehouse fire we had, training burns, public relations events, med helicopter taking off after a call, training with jaws and eggs, etc.

Any suggestions would be great!!
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