El Bandito (tophet_perish) wrote in thequestionclub,
El Bandito


Anyone know how to make a doll?

It would be sort of like Raggedy Andy only with a round head, so I can put a mohawk on it. And maybe a bit bigger, to make everything else easier for me. But yeah, Raggedy Andy would be about right. I'm looking at my naked 14 year old Raggedy Ann while writing this. Man I need to make some clothes for her or SOMETHING. Or clean her at least.

AND!: I just got my sewing patterns from Sublime Stitching. Freaking awesome. I got Mexicana, I Luv, Veggies, Pirates Ahoy, Mode Mod and Gothic Grandeur. I plan on making a gift for a friend who's leaving in a few months. Thing is, I have NO idea what to make her. Suggestions?

Also, how hard would it be for me to embroider my own My Chemical Romance hoodie? They cost way too much for me to buy, and I was pondering just taking a simpler design off the interweb [or conning a friend into drawing me a simple thing] then put it on a hoodie from Target. Would it be easier to shell out the moolah? Don't worry, I usually buy the stuff from the band but...I'm also in a sewing mood. If you cannot tell by now...

I always have a lot of questions. Thanks!
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