fermented (fermented) wrote in thequestionclub,

Inspired by Sesame Street

(run-on imminent)On sesame street, do any of you remember a cartoon with a guy in a house with an egg, and he picks up the spoon and taps on the egg and then this voice says "Hello, is anyone there?" and the guy with the spoon does this repeatedly until he decides to beat the egg down and the voice says "Noooooaaaghheeeeeeooooo".
Then the guy gets a knock on the door and he opens it up and says "hello, is anyone there?" but there isn't. Then he gets another knock and another and another and there's never anyone there, and then the house starts caving in and he goes "Noooooaaaghheeeeeeooooo". And that's the end of the cartoon. Probably one of my most vivid sesame street memories, I can almost hear the voice in my head. Anyone? or anyone just remember the cartoon in general?
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