... (pockysodapop) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, there are a ton of sites out there like Audioscrobbler where you can list the music you listen to the most, what you're listening to right now, etcetera. But my question is, are there any sites like this for books? As in, being able to post what book you're reading, how far you are in it, and what books you've read recently and whether you'd recommend them or not. I tried keeping a reading list in my journal, but seeing as my reading schedule had me finishing one to two books a week, I'm having trouble keeping up with it.

Secondly, can anyone recommend a book-orientated community (either on LJ or otherwise) that isn't:
- based on assigned reading, like book clubs
- ridden with teenagers wanting help with book reports
- deader than a doornail 90% of the time?

I'd like to participate in a forum or community where people see reading as a hobby, not a chore.

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