Charlotte Sometime (enterthereverie) wrote in thequestionclub,
Charlotte Sometime

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oo1. what is the difference between an issn number and an isbn number?
oo2. what is crust punk?
oo3. what song are you currently listening to, if any? i am listening to "kid a" by radiohead.
oo4. were any of you born on march ninth?
oo5. if you support the legalization of drugs, what drugs do you feel should not be legalized?
oo6. i need help. i am failing out of school. i am losing interest in everything that made me happy and motivated -- work, school, friends ((the few friends that i have)) & next week, i fear that i will be taken out of school as my parents are not going to pay the remainder of my college semester bill since i am failing. i do not know what to do. i do not know how to fix this, because i have messed up before. i am scared. of course, i want a degree & i know that i cannot have those things unless i work for them and motivate myself to at least show up. any advice?
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