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Ok, so I dont have a lot of time to watch TV, so naturally I want to mate with my TiVo. Anyway, normally Ill let that thing rack up like 30 - 40 hours of shows then on a boring weekend watch 20 hours and delete 20 more. Anyway, lately Ive been running low on shows. Maybe I just have more free time. but does anyone have any shows they'd suggest? I love sitcoms/series etc but Im kinda picky (I was addicted to the Gilmore Girls and but I missed like 8 episodes so I quite literally read the scripts (online) before I let myself watch the new season)

Anyway, here's some of the shows that I love, so you can have an idea

Gilmore Girls (like I said)
Extreme Home Makeover
Desperate Housewives
Whose Line is it Anyways?
Trading Spaces, most of those TLC shows
Im not big on Reality shows but Ive made an exception for:
Americas next top model
The Real World.
again though, I hate joining in mid season..I feel out of the loop.
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