goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

infidelity excuses?

i was just watching an episode of oprah on infidelity with the guys giving commentary on what was going through their minds during an affair.

it reminded me of an incident when i found out my ex had cheated on me.

he owned up to it when i questioned him, but his reasoning was "if a guy cheats, it's not that big of a deal.... a dick is like a finger, he can just wipe it off, go home to have sex with his girlfriend and it's like he never had sex with someone else. if a girl cheats, the other guy's sperm is still swimming up in there, and she goes home to her boyfriend who then has to stick his dick in all that mess."

oh how can you argue that logical brilliancy? ::rolls eyes::

so what was the stupidest argument you've heard from someone trying to justify cheating?

another friend i had was cheating on his wife for many years with many different women..... when he found out the "girlfriend" had cheated on him, he came bawling to me about how he'd been betrayed. i pointed out that he was cheating on his wife, afterall; and doesn't he find it odd that all his "girlfriends" end up hurting him?

he responded "at least i'm learning."

"learning what?" i couldn't help but ask.

his response?

"that women are damn liars and cheaters!"

oh. um. ok. <_<
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