Confounded Chocolaholic (chelly_egg) wrote in thequestionclub,
Confounded Chocolaholic


what's a good way to word this for a classified ad?

"1985 black blazer, 4x4. when i bought it last year, i was told the engine was relatively new. there were no working locks on the doors or tailgate, no emergency brake, and no backseat seat belts. since then, the back window has disappeared, new oil needs to be added at least once a month, and there is a chance that the transmission is not in top shape. on the plus side, after i bought it i had the following things fixed or new parts put in: alignment, driver side wheels, brake calibers, brake pads, fuel pump, and fuel tank. all in all, i've spent at least two thousand dollars on the vehicle. sadly, i have a newborn and have no where to attach the car seat. overall, it isn't worth it for me to try and fix the blazer, given my current situation. but, it is still a good off-road vehicle that deserves a good home. i'm looking to sell for $1000, or best offer. if you are interested, or know someone who might be, please let me know and i'll get you some contact information right away. feel free to ask any questions."

obviously, it needs to be much shorter. is there a particular classified lingo i could use?

many thanks.
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