Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

snail sexx0rs

So, I just cleaned my snail's tank. Snail has not yet opted to slide fully out of shell and ooze up the side of the tank. Instead, snail (named Sluggo) has opted to come out only a small way and produce a smallish cloud of what almost looks like wet cotton batting with flecks in it.

A) Sluggo is dying?
B) Sluggo is female?

And if option b, how long do i have to get that out of there before I have how many baby snails?

Sluggo is a black snail of some sort from walmart, whom I've had since winter holidays. S/he was housed shortly with a yellow walmart snail, maybe a week or two until the yellow snail apparently committed suicide. ... so... what colour snails would that even make? I didn;t think they were the same species... or is it more like white chicken/red chicken?
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