alaskanigloon (alaskanigloon) wrote in thequestionclub,

The environment

Hey everybody,
This survey is for an english report that I am doing, and I would love to have your input.

Do you think that the environment will attempt to reassert its previous balance (500+ years ago)?

Do you believe that drilling should take place in National Parks and Refuges?

Do you think that there should be a national bottle law (charging a deposit on containers, to be returned when the container is)?

What do most environmental problems result from?
A) Excessive Pollution C) Technological Development
B) Complex, interrelated problems D) Urban growth

What significant positive changes do you think that were occurring pre 1950 to the environment?

What do you think that was major aspect in the past that has lead to environmental problems today?

When do you think that the first environmental law was passed and enacted?
(Take a guess)

Thanks in advance!
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