alaskanigloon (alaskanigloon) wrote in thequestionclub,

Problematic younger brothers

My younger brother and I both know the same girl (lets call her...Mandy) (who is about 14-15 years old). I was talking with her online just now and she was telling me how my brother was flirting with her. Turns out she has asked him to stop and just to leave her alone, but my younger brother has apparently decided not to, and instead annoys her like a guy does in 6th grade (he is in 10th) with the whole taking things and not giving them back. For instance, he took her phone and then gave it back - minus the battery. After that, he started making fun of her because "because you [me] were hitting on me[Mandy] and picked me[Mandy] up at soccer and I[Mandy] am a freshman and you[me] are in college" Now before some of you people out there think that I am a pervert let me explain. I referee soccer, as does she. I was taking my sisters to their comp soccer practice, and so instead of doing nothing I decided to watch the game. I noticed that Mandy was having some problems, so I went over there during half time and introduced myself as a fellow referee and asked her nicely if she wanted some suggestions on how to referee (as I have been doing it since I was 9 years old... and don't you people tell me that I haven't been). She accepted and I pointed out what I saw as being incorrect and how she could fix it (simple things like blowing the whistle loud and not letting the coachs give her any shit about her calls as what she says and does on the field is final.

Anyways, after the game she came up and talked to me and asked how I thought that she did the second half of the game, so I pointed out a few more things that I thought she could do better. After we had talked for around 20 mintues or so my sisters were done, but she hadn't been picked up yet, so I offered her a ride home. She accepted and I took her home. She asked for my number and so I gave it to her and she gave me hers. So she tells her boss about me (whom I used to referee for) and her boss calls me up and thanks me and offers me a job as head referee for an upcoming tournament. I accept and then call Mandy to tell her about it (I knew that she kinda helped me get the job) and so we get to talking and so we become friends.

Now for the question: How do I (or her) tell him that she finds him annoying and to back the F**K up or else I am going to kick his ass for being an ass to women?

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