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1. Does anybody else find networking to be the most frustrating aspect of computers? I really hate it. A lot.

Two network-related questions:

2. Ever since I got cable internet, I've been having a problem with my connection dropping about once a day. I suspect that it's my modem, but I've never actually watched it when my connection dropped to see if the lights do anything. It's a Toshiba modem, and I heard they aren't all that good. My (Linksys) router seems to be fine. This also occured in two separate locations with the same equipment, so I doubt it would be anything related to interference/crosstalk. Any thoughts on this?

3. For whatever reason, I can't get port forwarding to work properly. I've read from several different places on how to do this and had people double-check it for me, but p2p programs aren't recognizing the ports. I've done all the router settings correctly, I'm sure of that much, but do I have to configure some settings in Windows (XP Pro) to get it to work? I've disabled firewalls as well.

I have little patience to try and figure this out myself, so any help is greatly appreciated. ^_^;

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