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Update to Baked Chicken Date

Hey there. Thank you to everyone who posted with comments and suggestions for my date. It went wonderfully!

The chicken came out tender and juicy. It needed a little bit more seasoning (something I can fix next time, hehe). The pasta and green beans complimented it well. The brownies did well. Not quite as well as I was expecting, though. I melted the caramel to go on top and it ended up hardening and become even more chewy than caramel usually is. Ah well. I also forgot to bake the crescent rolls until after the chicken was done, so I've got crescent roll stuff in my fridge waiting for another day.

She was very impressed with everything. I don't think the day could have went better, hehe.

Concerning the movie times, ah, it was heavenly. It was one of those progressive cuddling things that I just love. When we started watching the first movie (we watched three and we have very odd tastes in movies), The Grudge, she sat "next" to me, about a foot or less away on the couch. 20-30 minutes into the movie she suggested I get a blanket as it was a bit cold in my apartment (mwahahah, wonder how that happened???). I did and when I got back, she kinda tilted and leaned into me, one arm somewhat around her. Then, at the next movie (Cube), she sat right next to me and leaned against me, nearly full arm around. At the last (Cube Zero), she scooted down a bit more, reclined against my chest, and I had full arm around cuddling. It was great. I even moved my hand over top hers and at one point my thumb was in the space between her thumb and forefinger and she did the thumb caress move with hers!!!

She had to leave before we got to the final movie (Homeroom), so we hugged and said byes and whatnot. She said she was going to come bug me tomorrow at work (I work at Hollywood Video, it's great to have someone come bug me not involving loud yelling, cursing under the breath, or remarks about fleeing to our competitors).

So, to put this in question form, how great is life!?

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