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volunteer medical research

A classified ad for medical research in the newspaper has caught my eye:

Cat Nap With Us...
...while studying the effects of a new investigational sleep medication. Brigham & Women's Hospital is conducting a sleep research study with healthy volunteers. If you are:
*healthy, 18-50 years of age, male or female
*Medication-free (other than birth control)
*able to stay in the laboratory 8 days (7 nights)
...then you may be eligible!
Transportation reimbursed. Compensation upon completion of the study is up to $2000.
call 1-888-###-#### for more information.

Get paid to spend a week sleeping in a lab? I could do this!

My question is have any of you ever volunteered for medical research? What's it like? Good? Dangerous? Worthwhile? What can I expect?
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