Lynette (lynbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

What to do?

I fell last night on ice, and went over on my ankle really bad.

I've been doing the Rest Ice Compression Elevation thing since it happened, minus the 4 hours I was able to sleep. The swelling hasn't gone down AT ALL :/

Those were last night about half an hour after I fell.

That was this morning, after I painted my toes when I couldn't sleep.

I've been keeping it elevated, because it throbs if I don't :/

Should I go to the doctor? I really doubt anything's broken, I think it's a really bad sprain. My mom's grabbing me some crutches today, since I can't slide around on my ass or crawl all the time. My benefits ARE really good though, so physiotherapy is covered up to $500 or something.

I'm SO MAD, my girls team I coach has a big hockey tournament this weekend, and I won't be able to go on the bench with them if I'm unable to go on the ice if someone gets hurt (I'm the trainer/goalie coach).
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