meaghan (ohohmeaghan) wrote in thequestionclub,

this really should be the last of these! and i'll try to get a picture of my boyfriend and myself at the wedding for tqc updates.

i got this bag and was very unsure of it, but then i found the bracelet and earrings (that don't match exactly but i think they do go together, thanks for that tip guys) and i think it all goes?

i'm definitely going to not use that stupid chain, that will sit inside the bag and not be seen.
(awkward picture wearing all of it: )

and i got a 3/4" curling iron today so now i can do littler curls and i'm excited about that, would this hair with my (long-ish, side) bangs down be good? i don't think i have a light blue ribbon but i do have a black ribbon or a thicker black headband. i'm leaning towards no headband.

i also got these two boring bags, but now that i see the flowery bag with my dress, i don't hate it so much.

unrelated- can you share your rose and thorn for today?
rose - i went to the beach today and got rid of the tan lines that will show with my dress :)
thorn - i got a circle of sunburn on the front of my throat, hahah

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