Lost in the world, playing the blame game. (rubberheadz_inc) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lost in the world, playing the blame game.


What city do you live in?
What do you think of the city you live in?
If you had a choice would you live anywhere else?
Where is that place?

I live in Las Vegas. I used to hate it here so bad. But then I thought about it, and it really isn't that bad. There are places that are better, but there's are tons of places that are worse. So I don't really complain about it that much anymore.
Pros: Relatively safe and non threatening place to be, the interesting culture and art/music scenes that are coming to prominence, the dark and somewhat interesting history, the uniqueness of the place.
Cons: The HEAT, Too many neighborhoods filled with houses that look the same, too many gated communities, the lack of appreciation and attention for the culture, the people, the lack of variety when it comes to things to do, too many casinos and how every movie theater is built inside a casino.

So, if I had a choice, I probably would live somewhere else.

And that place would probably be either Seattle, Portland or Atlanta.

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