__upstairs__ (__upstairs__) wrote in thequestionclub,

So my apartment complex has a gym and to get the key you go to the office and check it out for 24 hours. A couple weeks ago i went to the office to check it out and the office lady didnt take down my name or anything because she was a little busy with other people. I think she might have recognized me because we just signed our lease about a month before.
Well the point is in our lease it says if you have the key out for more than 24 hours it is a $87 dollor fee for everyday you keep the key out.
Its been about 2 months and i havnt returned it yet.
Do you think i should return the key or keep it until my lease is up?
If she tries to get me to pay hundreds of dollars if i return it should i pay it? I think it would be unfair to make me pay if she never called or anything to let me know i need to bring it back.

I really want to go shopping but i have no one to go with. Should i just go by myself or call my mom?
Do you want to go with me?

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