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My work is having decade theme days in the next few weeks, so I'm researching late 50's and early 60's stuff. I've been watching Hairspray and I really like the beehives and the swing-style dresses.

I've been looking for a dress pattern similar to the one  Brittney Snow (Amber Von Tussle) is wearing just before they announce that there's an opening on the Corny Collins Show. I've tried to find a full picture of the dress, but the only thing I can find is from the waist up. Does anyone know where I might find a full length shot of that dress?

Where might I get a good 1960s swing-style dress pattern?

I've also been looking at beehive and bouffant hair styles, but I can't seem to find one that explains exactly how to 'backcomb'. I also have never heard of a rattail comb, as one website said I would need.  I heard my dad mention a ratting comb once, so that might be the same or a similar thing. So what is a rattail comb and where might I obtain one?

And the last questions: is my hair long enough to beehive, or am I going to have to try a different hairstyle? Okay, so my hair is too short. What other vintage hairstyle might I be able to do?
My current hair length:
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