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I went to a local, mid-high quality restaurant, dressed up quite nicely with a female friend. We were seated in the lounge (no one asked for I.D. and there were other young people there) and since we're only 18, we didn't order alcohol.

During the dinner, our waitress never looked at me once, was clearly rushing us through our dinner (restaurant not crowded at all), handed us the bill without asking if we'd like coffee or dessert or anything (she asked the table next to us - the table drinking alcohol), and STILL wouldn't look at me when I paid the bill. She only addressed my friend. 

So is a a 13.4% tip on the meal bad? (PS: I'm Canadian - this isn't the U.S. where their tips are the wage, servers here must be paid a minimum of $8/hour before tips.) 

EDIT: I'm new to the whole "paying for meals at restaurants" thing, and so I'm still unsure of what's good vs. bad tips. I once sort-of tipped 50% on a meal because I wasn't sure. Honest question, I want to see what servers vs. non-servers think. So far, I like tipping and seeing my server so happy afterwards, but with situations like this, I'm not sure what's proper. Help guys!

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