longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in thequestionclub,

At my ballroom dancing class (we're all in the same age group, late teens/early 20s) there's this guy. Who creeps me out. He creeped me out from the first time I saw him. He reminds me of Mr Collins from Pride and Prejudice. He'll do things like cutting across the dance floor in front of about five other guys to dance with me (or someone else on the other end of the room). He'll do things like, people are having a conversation, and he'll join in, that's fine, but he does it in such a weird way. Or someone will make a joke and he'll completely overreact to it. And I swear that he holds girls for dancing in completely the wrong place so he ends up holding the side of your breast when he catches you. None of the other guys have done this. I've tried saying 'um, can you hold me further down please?'. In the second time I ever saw him, we were dancing together and the teacher was like 'That's great everyone! You're really improving!' and he hugged me. I was caught off guard because he did it sideways. He did it again. Then the third time, a few weeks later, I finally told him off for it. He hasn't done that sort of thing for ages, but he does do things like, he dances with me twice that night and I'm like "I've already danced with you tonight!" and he's like "I know. Nice, isn't it." *shudder*. or he'll come up beside my guy friend and say "Boo."
Anyway. There's just something about him that's hugely creepy. If other guys had done or said this it wouldn't have been a huge problem.
Anyway. The question is!
Do you know anyone really creepy? Does this guy sound creepy to you? Why can't I figure out what it tangibly is that's creeping me out? What should I do about it?

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